Jade class

Year 4

Times Table Competition!

Jade class …winners!

It was the second instalment of the Year 4 times table competition this week and Jade class won 29-28! It was a close fought battle and the team did us proud. Here they are receiving the trophy.

IMG_2963Keep learning those times tables Jade Class …we want to retain the trophy!

Year 4 class assembly

After lots of practice and rehearsals a BIG well done to the children for a great performance. The audience thoroughly enjoyed it.


Star of the Week

For trying really hard, concentrating for longer and always having this beautiful smile!


Mathematician of the week

For never giving up and beautifully presented work!


Swimmer of the week


Halle Concert

We visited the City Hall on Friday for a concert by the Halle orchestra. We learned all about the instruments that make up an orchestra and performed a song we had learned.





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Star of the Week


For a huge improvement in learning, concentration, attitude and behaviour. A nomination from Miss Steer. Well done!


Mathematician of the Week


For great reasoning and explanation of a problem.


Swimmer of the Week


Maths problem of the Week



For clear explanations and reasoning



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Electro Acoustic Project

On Friday 17th March we visited Firth Hall at the University to perform our poem. We also heard the recorded version of the poem with sound effects.

In between rehearsals and the performance we had chance to add our feelings about the project to a working wall.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Coming Soon!

The recording of our poem with added sound affects!

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Year 4 Times Table Competition

Today we launched our times table competition with the help of Mr Sieczkarek and Miss French. Both Jade and Amber class took part to win the cherished Times Table Trophy. Our team of contestants were Braden, Julia, Aia and Khadija. There was  theme music and buzzers! After taking the lead early on Jade Class went behind after the quick fire buzzer round. Yohane in Amber class was astoundingly quick on the buzzer! Well done to Amber Class on your victory today.

Star of the Week


For being an ‘always’ child. She helps other children when they find work difficult and is a caring friend!

Mathematician of the Week


For lovely, clear maths calculations. Trying hard and no wrong answers! Well done. 


Swimmer of the Week


For blowing excellent bubbles, getting his head in the water and blinking water away! Clever boy!

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Electro Acoustic Music Project with Sheffield University

First we worked with Georgina from Sheffield Girls High School to make sounds using everyday objects.


The next week we recorded sounds we could hear around school.

The next week we learnt a poem and added sounds and actions.

The Rubbish Tip Alien by Pie Corbett

Sitting on the tip,
quite quickly.
Choosing bit by bit,
quite slickly.

Hip hop hap
It’s the alien rap

Tractor wheels for eyes,
turn lazy.
Dustbin lids for ears,
creak crazy.

Hip hop hap
It’s the alien rap

Freezer for a head,
stares coldly.
Bedspring for a tongue,
juts boldly.

Hip hop hap
It’s the alien rap

Car grill for a mouth,
turns fiery.
Hoover for a nose,
burns wiry.

Hip hop hap
It’s the alien rap

This week we visited the University

We recorded our poem in a recording studio!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Then we manipulated the sounds we recorded around school on a computer programme called ‘Audacity’

Star of the Week


For a huge improvement in attitude and behaviour at school. Well done!!


Mathematician of the Week


For working more independently and helping someone who found the work difficult.

Star Swimmers

Each week the swimming instructors choose a star swimmer. So far it has been a girl each week! Come on boys!


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RNLI Assembly

RNLI Assembly.png


Newsletter Spring 2


World Book Day!

We celebrated by dressing up as a book character and the best one from each class was chosen by school council representatives.

Jade Class winner

Bellatrix Lestrange from the Harry Potter stories!

Image result for bellatrix Lestrange                       img_6231

Bellatrix from the movie                                 Bellatrix at Prince!

We had many other great outfits in Jade class.

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We also had a decorated door competition

We decorated our door with the front cover of a story we had read and really enjoyed.

The Ghost Dog

  •      img_6230

Unfortunately we didn’t win. That accolade went to Year 5 Emerald for their Hagrid door decoration. Well done Emerald class!

Mathematician of the Week

For always presenting her work beautifully and getting it noticed by the Deputy Head teacher. She takes great pride in her work which makes it easier to read and understand. Well done!


Star of the Week

We can’t believe she hadn’t already been Star of the Week! For always having a smile, good manners and working hard in every lesson. Well done!



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Mathematician of the Week


For lovely, neat work. For working hard to solve some problems for Miss Yeomans which demonstrated deeper understanding  and problem solving.



Star of the Week

Liam Pearson Sacker

For trying really hard to improve his handwriting and for having lovely manners. Well done!


We worked with Georgina from Sheffield Girl’s High to record everyday sounds around school. This is in preparation for our visit to the University to compose some electro-acoustic music.





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This week at school we haven’t just  been looking at staying safe online but at other aspects of keeping safe.


Here are a few comments from Jade class about the activities.

   “During safety week with Miss Caudwell we learned about peer pressure. Peer pressure can be spoken or unspoken. There are lots of different ways peer pressure can happen like ‘the huddle’, ‘the put down’, and ‘the look’. We did some drama to investigate peer pressure.”

 Jamie-Leigh Plant

“During safety week with Mr Little were learned about being safe online. We learned never to give out personal details like your name and address and where you go to school. It was a fun experience!”

Samuel Azikiwe

“During safety week with Miss Croxall we made movies of how to be safe on the internet.”

Magdalena Cycak.

“During safety week with Miss Roberts we learned about water safety. We circled around dangers of water. We also wrote a paragraph of how to stay safe around water. Finally, we created a power point.”

Cayle Nussey

Star of the Week


For knowing when he is wrong and being ‘man enough’ to apologise. For improving his behaviour and being a good role model. For excellent maths work and going above and beyond with his answers!

Mathematician of the week


For making great improvements in maths and trying to answer questions!

Problem of the week winner

Teagan Hodgkinson



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Star of the Week


For improvement and hard work. You always settle down quickly and try to get a task done to your best ability. Gone are the days of fussing and silliness! Well done!


Mathematician of the Week


For great progress! You listen to introductions and answer questions which have really helped you understanding. Your work this week has been beautifully presented.



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Swimming Lessons

Swimming Letter


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