Jade class

Year 4

Forest Schools Session 3

This week we were lighting fires! We used cotton wool, flint and steel. We learnt about the fire triangle. These are the things fire needs to exist: Oxygen, fuel and heat. We learned how to be safe around our fire using the respect kneeling position.


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Why not visit Castleton?

Last week was fantastic!

During our three day residential, Your child had the opportunity to visit Speedwell Cavern and Peak Cavern. However, there is still lots more to see and explore in the village. We didn’t visit Treak Cliff Cavern or Blue John Cavern. Also, at this time of year Castleton looks beautiful as all the public houses, B&Bs, hotels and many houses are decorated for Christmas.

Why not pay Castleton a visit over the festive period?

Take the number 274 bus from Pond Street, Sheffield.


Take the number 272 bus from Pond Street, Sheffield.


Take the train to Hope, then the 272 bus from Hope to Castleton.

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Castleton 2019


What a fabulous few days! The wet weather couldn’t dampen our spirits this week and we had a brilliant time.

Day 1

We arrived, had a walk into Castleton and then took part in two exciting activities. The first was orienteering around the village. Here we had to use a GPS device to find places and answer questions. We found out that the local school was built in 1863 and there are only about 20 children in the whole school. That’s less than our class!  The second activity was to study a river. The river running through Castleton is called the River Noe. Using lots of equipment, we studied the depth, temperature and the speed of the running water.

After dinner Ruth taught us how to pan for gems. We tried to identify the different types of gems.

Day 2

After a yummy breakfast we set off to Speedwell Cavern. Here we walked down 106 steps and got onto the boat to explore the old lead mine. Did you know that children as young as four would work 16 hours a day in the lead mine and only earned 2p a week? It was dangerous work and they would have to hold a candle in their mouth to see as they worked. This was made of tallow (animal fat) and would rot their teeth! The mine cost £13,000 pounds and only made £3,000 profit from the three lead veins inside it.

Next we started our long walk with Ruth and Ollie from Losehill Hall. We began our walk up Mam Tor. It was really slippy and muddy but good fun. Did you know that millions of years ago the valley was underwater? That’s why lots of fossils can be found around Castleton. Ruth told us that the hills around the valley are made of sandstone, limestone and shale. We made our way along the broken road and back down towards the village.

When we got back we had two more exciting activities: fossil making and exploring the lead mine. Tim told us all about different fossils like ammonites. We used plasticine to make a mould and used Plaster of Paris to make the fossil. Then Ollie let us go in the lead mine to find out what life in the mine would have been like.

After dinner we got into groups to design our egg rockets. The challenge was to design a rocket to safely carry a raw egg when the rocket was launched. We would get points for teamwork, our design, the height of the launch and whether the egg cracked or not.

Day 3

After breakfast,  we set off to Peak Cavern or as it is locally called the ‘Devil’s Arse’! Here we found out that the huge cavern was an underwater coral reef millions of years ago. Once the water had subsided it was used by rope makers who would live in there with their family. Mr Little made some rope with our guide who was called Ollie.


When we got back to Losehill it was time to set off our rockets and have our lunch… with the chickens!

We had a fantastic (but tiring) time!

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Growth Mindset

At school we are trying to work with a ‘Growth Mindset’.

Image result for growth mindset

What is a growth minset?

“In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. This view creates a love of learning and a resilience that is essential for great accomplishment.”

This week we looked at success and failure and what we can learn from it. We linked it to our learning in Black History month.



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Year 4 Trip

As part of our topic  ‘Why Sheffield is a cool place to live’ we visited the city centre this week. We went to the Millennium Gallery and looked at metal work which was made in Sheffield. We took photos of well known buildings that we often take for granted: The Winter Gardens, The Crucible Theatre, The Lyceum Theatre, The Peace Gardens, The Town Hall and Sheffield Cathedral.



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Star of the Week


For being a lovey friend. Helping and supporting your classmates!

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Star of the Week


For a massive improvement in concentration and work ethic!

Well done!

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Multiplication Tables Competition

Round 2

Amber took the cup today with a score of 20-19.

The score changed throughout the competition and it was just down to who was quickest on the buzzer.

Well done to the team!



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French Day

On Tuesday 1st October Key Stage 2 had a French Day. They could dress up in the colours of the French flag and took part in many different French themed activities,

Food Tasting


Design Technology

Building the Eiffel Tower






‘Tour de Prince’




Ballet & The Can Can



Learning about the storming of the Bastille and designing a persuasive poster to encourge people to visit France.

Sand Art

Learning French colours

 ‘The treasure hunt was my favourite becasue you got to go around school looking for symbols about France. The clues were in French’


‘I enjoyed the bikes. We learned about the ‘Tour de France’. Even though it was raining, it was stil fun.’


‘In R.E we made lanterns and learnt about French festivals like the lemon festival. We even made lemonade!’


It was a fantastic day in spite of the awful, wet weather!


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Macmillan Coffee Morning

Year 4 made some chocolate crispies for the Macmillan coffee morning.

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Science – Habitats

We went into our lovely wildlife garden to investigate the habitats of the insects living there. We collected the insects carefully, observed them, drew them and then released them back into their habitat.

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